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The Duffy Family


Two families that had similar background joined together to create one happy family. Mike, met his first wife Tina in college, they married and moved to Napa after both landing jobs in the wine business.  They had three boys Danny, Chris, and Will. Tina, unfortunately, lost her battle with brain cancer leaving Mike to raise their family alone.

Nicol born and raised in Santa Rosa also found herself a widow at a very young age. With her degree in Accounting, she knew she could go anywhere.  She made the bold move to leave Santa Rosa, where her son Tyler and her and made a life and purchased property in Healdsburg in hopes of starting over.  Tyler wanted to play on a travel soccer team so he tried out for the local team. Who was the coach? Mike Duffy.

Mike and Nicol met on the soccer field and had an instant connection.  One night Nicol invited Mike over to dinner. Not knowing what Mike did for a living she asked Mike if he wanted a glass of wine.  The wine you ask? Optima Chardonnay! You can guess the rest of the story.

Today the entire Duffy clan pours heart and soul into Optima. Mike runs the day to day winemaking; Nicol runs the office and markets the wines from California to New York. Danny their oldest is attending UC Davis in hopes of being the next generation, Tyler and his wife Leesha come on weekends from Sacramento to help during bottling, and Will who is 17 would also like to attend UC Davis and work alongside his big brother.

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